When searching for Father’s Day gifts online, I find all kinds of gift guides with sweet things for Dad ranging from clothes to gadgets to consumables.  The problem with these gifts…Dad may like them, but he won’t remember them years later.  They eventually end up thrown away, given away, or just buried somewhere in the garage.  The funny thing is that you can spend a lot less (like nothing) and give him a gift that he will cherish for a long time.

The answer to the quest for a perfect gift is to give him a Kidterview video.  With the Kidterview iPhone app you can easily create a super cute interview video to give to Dad. Of course, you can share it with friends and family on Facebook or Youtube too!

With Kidterview, you are given a variety of templates with questions to choose from.  This makes it easy for you to compile great interview questions about Dad that will elicit cute responses.  You can then edit the answers and further customize the video with color, text and background music.  Kidterview then combines everything into one nicely produced video that can be shared.

So, don’t worry about running out the store or spending a lot of money.  Just download the app for free and create your video in minutes.

Get Kidterview here:  http://get.kidterview.com