While Kidterview can help you preserve precious memories of your kids, it takes more than just a great app to create a video that you’ll love.  Below are some tips to help you create the best video possible.

  1. Questions – Review the questions before you sit down with your kid.  The templates have some great questions to get you started, but don’t feel constrained by them.  Delete the ones you don’t like.  Edit the ones you think could be improved.  And, of course, add your own great questions that are unique to your child.
  2. Location – Put some thought into the location before you have your little one sit down.  Natural light will work best, especially mornings. Just make sure you don’t the background behind your child is not too bright.  Also, consider whether the location will have distractions or background noise.  You want the best audio possible.
  3. Timing – Record your Kidterview when your child is in a good mood.  It should be a fun exercise for you and your little one.  Don’t force it.  Try to get your child excited about being interviewed, and when your kid is in a great mood, have him or her sit down then to get answers that will elicit laughter and tears from your family and friends.