It all began with a birthday video from a dad to a mom.  That video took hours to create over the course of several days, overcoming various challenges and requiring editing on a laptop to complete it.

While Mom loved the video created for her by Dad and the kids, it was just as much fun to share it with friends and family on Facebook.  In addition to all of the great comments that people left, they also asked, “How can I create my own video?”.

Although the video says that it was created using the Kidterview app, it was not.  The app did not exist yet.  In creating the video, it was determined that an app should exist to simplify the creation of such a video.  So,  the first manually created Kidterview was not only gift for Mom, but it was also a test to determine if there was demand for such an app.  And, based on the feedback, it was clear that people wanted to create their own Kidterview videos. So, work on the app began…

Here is that first video that served as the inspiration for the Kidterview app.