Start Conversations. Capture Memories. Share the Joy.

Kidterview is an iPhone app you can use to easily create one-of-a-kind interview videos of your kids.  Get it for free and give your spouse a priceless gift he or she will treasure forever.

Capture magic. Create a Kidterview for your Spouse.

Everyone wants to give their spouse that perfect gift.  A gift the spouse will love receiving, a gift that feels great to give, and a gift that your spouse will love showing to others.  While a diamond necklace or a new flat screen tv might do this, they are crazy expensive and are still just “stuff”.

Why not give a gift that will bring tears of joy to your spouse’s eyes? A gift that will make your spouse laugh and cry and that will always be remembered not because of how much it cost but rather because it’s priceless.  The Kidterview app enables you to do this.

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What Makes a Kidterview Video the Best Gift Ever

  • You will create a one-of-a kind gift that is worth more than anything you could buy from a store
  • You will likely bring your spouse to tears of joy and laughter
  • You will capture thoughts and feelings that get missed in your daily interactions
  • You will preserve your kids’ cuteness, sweetness, and funniness forever
  • You and your spouse get to share the preciousness of your kids with family and friends, and you get to see their responses/comments
  • You will have fun and spend meaningful time creating your Kidterview video

It’s free to download and create your videos.


  • Record your clip

It’s Your Choice

Which present do you think is better?

Buy a
'Normal' Gift
  • A gift that is forgotten a year later
  • Something that goes into a drawer and is likely not to be seen again
  • One that shows you don’t really know what your spouse wants
  • A present that forces you to go through retail hell
  • No good if it’s only $2.99


No Need to Struggle

No need to think of great questions to ask+

You select from questions that are included in the app’s templates.

No need to figure out a way to read interview questions while filming+

You can see the questions on the screen as you film the interview.

No need to hope you get just the right answer every time+

You can edit and re-take clips so that you end up with the best responses.

No need to figure out how to add music and text screens+

You can select from numerous music options,  and you can modify or hide text screens.

No need to send videos via email or text messages+

With a tap, you can share to Facebook and Youtube as well as save your videos to your phone to share however you please.

No need to figure out how to compile clips and text screens into one video+

You just let Kidterview do this for you.

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Checklist for a Perfect Gift

Kidterview checks all the boxes





 Fun to share with others

 Great price (Free – $2.99)

 Fun to create and to give

Trip to the mall not required

My Story

Hi, I’m Scott Hoopman, and I created Kidterview to help others experience the joy my first Kidterview spread.  I created that first Kidterview using my iPhone and laptop.  It took a lot of time but was fun to do.  In the end, my wife loved the video I had created for her birthday and still thinks it is the best gift I’ve ever given her.   Our kids shared sweet and funny thoughts about her that we will cherish forever.

She shared the video on Facebook, and our friends and family were also able to see the source of love and happiness that she is to our family.  It became clear that with an easy to use app I could help many other people experience similar special moments.

While I do hope to make some money with Kidterview, I am truly pleased to just know that Kidterview is helping other people engage with their kids, preserve memories, and bring joy to spouses, friends, and family.

Some great Kidterview answers for you to enjoy

  • How would you describe Mom to someone?
    She has big boobs. She has medium long hair, and she likes to pray.
  • Why do you love Mom?
    She takes care of us, and she's brave.
  • Why do you love your parents?
    Because they hug and kiss me!
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
    A doctor, because I love, love, love gross things.

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