While Kidterview is great for capturing precious moments of your littles to share with family and friends, don’t limit yourself to just interview videos.  Here is an example of a funny “safety” video that was easily created with Kidterview.

Instead of questions, the text on the screen displays safety tips.  Hint:  Film your funny/cute videos first (ignoring the questions), and then go back and customize the text to match the video clips.  Kidterview makes the editing really easy.  After filming a bunch of clips with the app, you can:

  • Cut videos to only keep the best parts
  • Edit the text for each video
  • Choose music to enhance your video
  • Modify the colors of the text screens
  • And of course…share your finalized video on FB or whereever!

Enjoy this silly water safety video that my kids and their friend and cousin helped make.